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Turk & Fillmore Brings you Out Class Footwear Collection


Turk & Fillmore Brings you Out Class Footwear Collection

Available at : Turk & Fillmore

Update on: November 30, 2011

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Turk & Fillmore is an intersection at the heart of the famous Fillmore district in San Francisco, California. The area is home to many famous Jazz bars and clubs, that's where the designers were introduced to the vibrant and stylish culture of Jazz music while studying fashion in the city. Inspired by the old school yet stylish attire of the Jazz musicians, the design philosophy of Turk Fillmore resides in celebrating the art of shoe making. We are about the ever-evolving comfort of a handmade leather shoe as compared to a rigid, machine made product. This is the difference between someone playing your favorite melody live on a saxophone, vs. a digitally composed tune. From the US trained, London based design team, the shoes are borne out of more than a hundred steps required to hand-craft each pair, utilizing only the finest leathers, molded specifically on Italian lasts to create sheer prestige. The signature hand-stitching details allow the shoe to adjust specifically to your foot shape. From the leather-lined contoured shoe bed, to hand stitched leather sole and stacked heel toped with a rubber strike, each element exalts the prestige of the shoe in its entirety. We hope that our shoes would bring as much pride to any who wear them, as they do to those who have created them. Have a discerning journey on the road of life! For international retail information, please visit our website www.turkandfillmore.com Turk & Fillmore is currently available in Pakistan at the following fine retailers: English Boot House Park Towers Clifton Karachi Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road, Karachi