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Pershe by Kauser Humayun Modern Jewelry Sets New Designs 2012


Pershe by Kauser Humayun Modern Jewelry Sets New Designs 2012

Available at : Pershe by Kauser Humayun

Update on: July 02, 2012


PERSHE by Kauser Humayun is a Pakistani Lahore-based Fashion brand that has been creating fine jewelry pieces since 2002 and has recently expanded to include designer clothing.“At Pershe by Kauser Humayun, we strive to create art – and not simply commercially viable products – through our jewelry and clothing. Our inspiration is that rare work which is timeless, yet maintains an edge that adds to its versatility.” - Kauser HumayunKauser Humayun collaborated with renowned designer Hasan Shehryar Yasin (HSY) in 2007 by placing her jewelry pieces at his design house in Lahore and designing jewelry for exhibitions, shoots, and shows. In 2010, Kauser branched off on her own. Pershe using precious and semi-precious stones. Our wide range of chic, distinctive and authentic designs combined with the quality craftsmanship offers you the finest variety of earings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and much more at reasonable prices 2013-12 trend. Products : Clothing: Casual and Luxury Pret-a-Porter, Haute Couture; Jewelry: Fine Jewelry in 22K Gold and Precious and Semi-Precious Stones For details, prices please send us a message in our inbox or use the inquiry form. (Available at PFDC, Portfolio, and Tehzeeb in Lahore).