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How to upload a new image into my Online Store

You can easily upload an image from your admin panel, you need to be registered first, if you are already registered then please follow the following steps, if you are not registered please read how to register at Pakistan Fashion Mag.

When you get into your account, There will be three tabs, "My Image Gallery" "My Events" "My Profile" Under "My Image Gallery, click on the "Upload new Image(s)" at the right side.

When you will click on "Upload New Image(s)" link, you will be redirected a form to create your online store. Please give specific title, of the image you are going to upload, then select a category, then click on the Brows button for "Main Item Image" and select the image which you want to display into your store, You can also upload other 5 related images of the same product. For example if you uploaded a Shirt, and under related images, you can upload it's related closeup images like, Closeup of Colar, Closeup of Embroidery, Backside image etc.

After selecting the images, Please give a price of your dress/product, You can give your own article number otherwise www.pakistanfashionmag.com system automatically generate an article number related to your product.

Then you need to give specific description about your product which you are going to upload into your online store. So that customers from all over the world can read about your product and can contact you.

Before hitting the submit button, Please make sure you filled up all the required field, a red star (*) represent that the form field is required.

The final step after filling up the form is hit submit button at very bottom. Now you have successfuly uploaded in image to your store, You can upload as many images as you want. There is no limitation.