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Lawn Collection 2013 for Women by Nishat Linen


Lawn Collection 2013 for Women by Nishat Linen

Update on: February 04, 2013

Nishat Linen is a disquiet of Nishat Mills, the textile and home fashion selling sequence that has redefined the business with important devotion paid to quality, design and affordability. It offers dresses for women, men and children as well as home fittings. Women dresses are offer under the name Nisha. The collection has a huge number of different designs. Flowery, regular and abstract designs can be seen in this collection of Nishat. Nishat spring summer collection 2013 designs can be separated into 6 categories based on the fabric. These categories are silk brochia, ruffle chiffon, voile, plain chiffon, charmouse chiffon and embroidered chiffon. Stylish dresses for party wear, formal wear and casual wear can be created from the fabrics in Nishat Linen spring summer collection 2013.